Before Jan 30, 2013 I was unhappy and very depressed about my life and weight. I saw a group of ladies at a Health Expo in Sandy, UT and thought I could never do that. But, on Jan 30, I gave it a try and stepped into my first Pole fitness class. Jennifer Wilkins was the instructor for the class and I was scared and feeling stupid for even trying something like this but she made me feel welcome and I stayed.  From that moment of I was in love with the class and the ladies that attended.  I was actually seeing and feeling the results from taking the JW Method classes.  I am so glad that I found Jennifer Wilkins and the JW Method.  The classes have changed my life and I am loving the feeling of being sexy and happy. I have gone from a size 14 to a size 10.  I was so impressed with the results of the JW Method that I am now certified to teach.  I am so lucky to be a part of the family and will never look back.  Love JW Method!




I just love and adore J&M Expressions! I have been at this studio since August of 2011 and will never leave! All of the instructors are so down to earth. They make you feel like you're at home. Very encouraging and there's never a dull moment at the studio :) A little background on me is that, I used to weigh 310 pounds. I did lose some weight but In 2011 at 250lbs I found pole and once I was introduced to the JW method, my body completely changed. Muscle was being built, strength was increasing and the pounds started to melt away. I'm currently 185 pounds right now and while I have done the JW method since 2011, I still get sore and I still build muscle and I can climb up a 16 foot pole no problem! I'm so blessed to now be a part of the J&M family as I am soon to become a certified instructor and share my love for pole with the world!  




My name is Cora and I am 53 years old and thanks to Jennifer Wilkins and all of her totally awesome trainers my body looks like a million bucks. I have been working with Jennifer and her team for approximately 17 months and I feel great because I am physically fit and recently have been able to discontinue taking my blood pressure meds I have been taking for 8 years.  The JW METHOD has been a great workout program for me as I have many old sports injuries and health issues that make me susceptible to getting hurt easily but Jenn makes sure I don’t get hurt so I can keep coming back and making progress. It is a killer total body workout!




My name is April I have 2 daughters ages 20 and 18. I have always been in pretty good shape but have recently stopped going to the gym because I really didn't enjoy it anymore. I was looking for something fun to try which is how I came across Jennifer's studio. I came to my first class JW class and loved it. I have only been coming for 4 weeks and I am proud to announce I have lost 1 inch off my belly and 1 inch off my butt, and 1/2 an inch off of my thighs. I am blown away at how quickly I have seen results. I went shopping the other day and had to buy a pant size smaller. The JW Method is awesome and I would recommend it to everyone!





I have been doing the JW method since October 2011. It not only helped me with all the tricks and strength skills I wanted to do on the pole, it also worked all the small muscles that other exercises do not reach. The JW method gave me lean, cut muscles I didnt have before.

I was in the best shape of my life when I became pregnant with twins. My doctor did not want me to go upside down anymore so I stuck with the JW method throughout my pregnancy. It helped me keep the muscles I had before pregnancy, and it also gave me energy and strength to keep working while growing two babies. When I was in labor my doctor told me she was glad I kept up with JW while I was pregnant cause it gave me the endurance to push for 1.5 hrs with my first baby, and 15 more minutes with my second!

After giving birth I waited 6 weeks until the doc said I could work out normally. I went straight back to the JW method. Within a week I could already see my hips coming back together, my stomach shrinking, and my muscles starting to tighten back up. After 6 weeks of JW nobody could tell I had just birthed twins! Now its 6 months later and I am back to competing, doing all my strength moves and tricks. The JW method is perfect for every body type, every age, every reason to tone, strengthen, and cut your body into whatever shape you want! Whether you are a busy mom or business owner, competitive poler or just-for-fun pole gal, the JW method gets you the results you want.

The JW method helped me feel like myself again. I love my babies and they are worth every stretch mark, but I am so glad I have the JW method to give me "me" back.





When I turned 40, then 50, I told myself I needed to exercise so I wouldn't end up like my parents who had no muscle and struggled to get out of their LazyBoy chairs. Each time I did nothing.


I was 59 years and 4 months old when I met Jennifer Wilkins. I told her I wanted to be in shape by the time I turned 60, that I had one artificial knee, and severe osteoarthritis in the other knee and hip. Jennifer didn't blink an eye, she just told me I could do it and that she would be happy to help me. 


During private sessions that lasted a year, Jennifer started me with easy exercises to build stamina and to loosen and strengthen muscles in my legs arms and core. Each week we worked on something new and the exercises got progressively more difficult and demanding - and fun! Using a pole with the exercises gave me stability and allowed me to concentrate on movement. When I would grit my teeth or groan, Jennifer would laugh and encourage me  to complete the reps... and I did! She would say that I'd be concentrating on one area for the hour, like legs, but every session was a full body workout. After a few months I noticed that my arms had muscle and my upper arms were firm and not flabby like so many women my age. My stomach began to tone and I had so much more energy. I knew I was really getting into shape when could dead lift a 50 pound bag of bird seed and carry it from the garage to the back yard. I switched to group sessions for the next year. As Jennifer challenged me to work harder, she was also challenged to adapt her pole exercise routines to my body which was not as flexible as her younger clients. During the two years she worked with me, I lost 10 pounds, shaped up my body, and felt better than I had in years. I didn't take "before" and "after" pictures and I now regret that I didn't.


A year ago, after a two week vacation with lots of walking, the osteoarthritis got the best of me. I had hip replacement surgery, then had my second knee replaced four months later. I stopped working out with Jennifer because I didn't know the limits of my new joints  and because I couldn't get down and up from the floor like I once did. I firmly believe that I was able to put off these surgeries for two years because of our work outs and that my recovery went as well as it did because Jennifer whipped me into shape. 


We move to another state at the end of this week and I'm also facing my 62nd birthday with a new resolution. One of the first things I plan to unpack at our new home will be the notes from my private sessions with Jennifer...followed by my weights, exercise ball & bands, and bicycle. I want to set aside an hour every day for some sort of exercise because I want to grow stronger as I get older. When I am tired and want to quit, I hope to remember Jennifer's laugh and her faith in me, and will keep going. Time to take my new "before" picture...




If you would like to share your story with us please send us a message through our contact page. We hope you have the best experience with us and experience the same things these amazing ladies have. Thank you for being a part of our family.