JW Method Of Pole Fitness

This pole fitness program is unlike any other program in the world.  You will perform exercises designed specifically for the pole that will not only strengthen and tone your muscle, but will also work your stability and coordination by challenging your neuromuscular system.  There is NO dancing, NO spins, and No tricks involved in this program. Just exercises done in a traditional reps and sets format.  Results can be seen in as little as one month with regular attendance of 2-3 times per week. This is a functional fitness pole fitness program meaning there is little to no risk of injury present. It has been reported that previous or occurring injuries have not only improved in mobility but pain has decreased, and some say has completely rehabilitated problem areas in joints or ligament/tendon damage. You do not need to be in shape to participate in this program it is designed to improve your overall fitness and keep you fit and healthy.


Dress code enforced:


Must wear a sports bra under a fitted shirt. Tank tops are preferred.

Shorts must be fitted and covering for the comfort of your instructor, yourself, and your peers. Remember you will be moving in positions that are not flattering with loose shorts, and gravity moves certain areas when you are upside down and can reveal more than you hope when wearing anything other than a supportive sports bra.

We want you to focus on your safety and position not your wardrobe malfunctions.



Please do not wear shorts for these classes as the Aerial equipment can burn your skin. We prefer you wear fitted capri workout pants and a fitted t-shirt. As you move up to a higher level of training a leotard must be worn under your pants or tights.


Beginner Pole Sport

This pole fitness program is performed on spinner poles. Your instructor will take you through basic/intermediate spins while holding your body weight on the pole. You will learn all the basics to prepare you for the inversions in intermediate level. This program is a fantastic way to build strength and have a blast holding your body in different positions and allowing the pole to take you for a whirling ride.  Bring out your inner child and twirl and fly your way to a stronger and healthier you. Be sure to wear comfortable workout attire with fitted shorts.


Intermediate Pole Sport

You must participate in Beginner Pole Sport in order to participate in this program. You may not move up until your instructor has approved you. You will learn intermediate tricks and begin to combine your tricks together working your way toward a full routine. You will work on perfecting and smoothing your transitions from trick to trick in order to execute the perfect performance.

Dress code enforced read description above.


Intermediate/Advanced Pole Sport

This is the highest level of training for Pole Dancers. You may not take this class until you have been approved for advancement from your instructor. You will learn several tricks and transitions that will wow your audience. You will also learn how to move fluidly and polish every exention and every move for the perfect execution. Risk of injury is at it's highest in this class so be sure to keep away from all lotions at least 24 hours prior and bring your grip enhancement. Wear the appropriate attire for pole dancing.


Circuit Training

You will go through a series of exercises on each Aerial apparatus to build your strength safely in order to prepare your body for the controlled lifts and holds you will perform in the Aerial Classes.


Beginning Aerial Silks

You will perform basic Aerial positions progressing from the ground up. Beginning Aerial Silks focuses on your strength training and endurance to ensure you are prepared to take on a higher level of training. This class is for all fitness levels.


Intermediate Silks

You must be passed off by your instructor before you may attend this class. Beginner silk moves will be combined into smooth transitions to challenge your endurance and strength. Inversions will be taught as well as introductions to drops. This will prepare you to perform by challenging your technique, transitions, and strength.



Beginner Belly dance Egyptian style)


This class will cover the foundations of Egyptian belly dance, including moves, carriage and stylization. We will be drilling basic moves to gain correct technique and the range of motion needed for belly dance, as well as learning the basic rhythms used in Egyptian dance.  Drills will work up to combinations, and we will introduce improvisational skills. No previous dance experience required. Please wear fitted clothing that you are comfortable moving in, no skirts. Hipscarves optional.



Intermediate/Advanced Technique & Drills


This class will focus on building on the vocabulary developed in Beginning belly dance. Basic elements will be drilled and layered. New movements will be presented and drilled each week while building on and incorporating elements from prior weeks. We will work on correct posture, flexibility, body position, and strength. Increasing over all body awareness and building your dance vocabulary. Combos and small chorography will be worked on each week.